Power to the People!

I’m Nick Biller and I’m running for President of the United States as an Independent candidate.

I don’t have fancy videos and expensive shots highlighting my best side.
You won’t see me with a fake smile in factories or picket lines.

I’ve been busy, busting my ass, making it work, being an American.

When we vote Republican or Democrat, we vote for increasingly extreme party agendas; parties which are controlled by the elite minority.

42% of Americans identify as independents.
29% of Americans identify as Democrats.
27% of Americans identify as Republicans.
The Parties continue to become more extreme in their stance and continue to rip us apart.

I will represent all of us. I am one of you. I will return power back to us, back to the people.
A vote for me is a vote for you.

Its Biller time!!


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Help me help us.