Hi, I’m Nick.

I was born to Charles, a refugee and immigrant from Hungary turned US Navy helicopter pilot, and Deborah, a 6th generation American turned US Navy doctor, October 23rd,  1980, in San Diego, California, in a Naval hospital on a Naval installation.

My first memory is of another Navy hospital in Hawaii, April 24, 1984.  My brother was born and I was given my first responsibility – to look after my him.   

In 1986 our family was stationed in Monterey, CA – the place I consider home.  I had what I would call a normal childhood.

On October 14 1998 I enlisted in the US Air Force.  My favorite memory is from basic training – the day we gave up our material belongings and hair. It was the day everybody learned what I knew all along – we’re all brothers of some sort. I was trained as a Communications Computer Systems Controller, or Tech Control as it was known…”IT Stuff”. I served through several assignments and a couple deployments in various parts of the world.  I was honorably discharged in 2007 due to ‘force shaping’.  

I continued at the IT game;  federal contracting for 3 years and rejoined the federal ranks as a General Schedule civilian for 2 more.  

In 2012 I discontinued my federal service and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, ‘Rome’ of the IT world, to play my hand at corporate life. I’ve continued to travel the world delivering IT projects ever since.

I am running for president because I have an intense desire to see people prosper, both independently and collectively.  I will serve justly, boldly and with complete transparency.  

I am running as an Independent because I believe the state of America is increasingly divided by parties running increasingly extreme ideals, promising the equivalent of ‘longer recess’ or ‘prison’ to misinformed and misled citizens.  

Politicians eagerly hand-cuff themselves to ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ party values, which are limiting, extreme and divisive; effectively selling their souls to join a side… perhaps too afraid or unable to stand on their own. 

I am not a politician, I will never be one. I will stand alone, independent of party agenda, free to consider the American people and American values and to push an American agenda. I’ll do it for us.

As Red and Blue continue to represent America divided, I will represent the States as they were meant to be – United.  

We are stronger together, as one. 

It’s Biller time!

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