First, I want to remind the American public – the Presidency of the US is a position… a job. In a government of the people, by the people and for the people – I believe, the President should keep a clear mind, free of personal opinion and listen to the ideas and opinions of the people first. I can make this distinction and as President I would look to my fellow Americans and their elected officials to notify me of problems and potential solutions that will benefit the American majority.

Keeping that in mind, here are my personal perceptions and opinions as they relate to popular political topics:

Capitol Punishment: FOR
While I consider all life to be precious and valuable, there are those of us who are incapable of living in harmony with their environment. I believe the most extreme violations of American values should be met with the most extreme consequences.

Cash Bail Reform: FOR
I believe it should be impossible for violators of the American legal system to buy their way out of consequence. All Americans, poor and rich alike, are to be treated equally.

Electoral College Reform: FOR
I believe States belonging to the United States of America should be seen as equal parts of a whole, with equal importance, power and privilege.

Banking for Cannabis: FOR
Generally speaking, I believe it is the job of the Federal Government to enable, not disable, its constituent States to provide for their constituent people on their individual paths forward, thereby enabling society to achieve its maximum potential.

At a Federal level, drugs and their associations should be decriminalized and left for the States to further legislate based on their regional values, based on which individuals must exercise their right to vote and power to have their voice heard. As other nations reach these same seemingly evolutionary conclusions, we can open international trade. We can stop the war on drugs.

Furthermore, while individuals should have the right to make choices for themselves, drug use and addiction should be treated with compassion. The Federal Government should enforce regulation of drug products to ensure standardization and safety, similar to the way to we do alcohol. Business owners should make profits, States should tax those profits and use them toward education and rehabilitation centers intended to treat the disease and help its citizens become healthy, prosperous and contributing members of society.

Economic Partnerships: FOR
Military Partnerships: FOR
Humanitarian Partnerships: FOR
As American society evolves, so do the countries around the globe. I believe it is both morally, ethically, logically and rationally good and right to perceive other Nations, comprised of individuals such as ourselves, as equal units of nature – who also have the right to prosper.

Diplomatic effort should be made to reach agreement and harmony with the Nations around the world, when they are ready to share our value system. I stand for forgiveness and healing of past trauma. I stand for global alliance and I believe this to be our path forward as one species.

Reparations: AGAINST
Every step of our evolution will be judged and scrutinized by future generations. One can look back to any place or time in history and find one taking advantage of another. We MUST end this cycle!
I acknowledge forgiveness of past transgressions to be difficult as an individual and as a society, but necessary if we hope to move forward as one.

Legal Immigration: FOR
Illegal Immigration: AGAINST
I believe the human species to be a race of migrant beings, each having the independent freedom to pursue a life to the extent of its ability. As President I will acknowledge we are currently a Nation of people and laws and protected by borders in the interests of of the United States and its people. We have in place a process to accept immigrants legally into our great country. We should proceed with the mindset to enable growth.

I believe it is of the utmost importance for immigrants to accept, cherish and abide by American values and the relevant legal systems – to make an effort to assimilate American culture and become part of the larger whole. The focus is on collective similarity, though individual differences should be celebrated.

Illegal immigration is a violation of our borders, our values and of our legal system. A path toward legal immigration exists… it may not be easy, but it is the only acceptable path forward.

That ridiculous wall idea? RIP IT DOWN!!

Global Military Strategy: FOR
History shows societal evolution to pass through many phases of unification. We must respect the culture and will of evolving nations and promote non-interference related to intra-country conflict.

When a unified voice of a peoples government presents itself with values necessarily similar to our own, and reaches out, we will be there.
When a unified voice of a peoples government presents itself with values necessarily in conflict with our own, we will be there, too.

Defense spending should remain adequate commensurate to the mission. There are fraud waste and abuse programs in place to ensure pragmatic and efficient spending, it is up to us individually to hold ourselves accountable.

Service members consider it an honor to give up many of their freedoms in the fight for our interests and protection. They should be well cared for and well respected. Every effort should be made to help them re-integrate into our society.

Bailouts: AGAINST
Banks are a business and businesses need to be allowed to fail. Risk of failure will ensure some level of quality. Failure will drive innovation toward new solutions.

Affordable Housing Control: AGAINST
I do not believe this to be in the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. As President I would encourage State and local governments to investigate and legislate controls to protect citizens under their governance. Why is the supply for affordable housing less than the demand?

How much effect does foreign investment have in local housing markets? Many foreigners pay cash and OVER price for property they will never see. Demand answers from your local governments!

Education Reform: FOR
Advancements have been made in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and cognitive functioning. While I don’t see it as being in the jurisdiction of the Federal Government, I would encourage research into answering the questions:

How can we more efficiently and productively assimilate information into the human mind?
How can we use what we have learned to program specific curriculum to align with specific learning styles?
Can we complete the economic life cycle by using redistributed wealth funds to fortify our future generations and ensure our survival?

Free Medicare: AGAINST
Free Education: AGAINST
Free Money: AGAINST
Economic Reform: FOR
Wealth Redistribution: FOR
In nature, if one isn’t capable of self-help and self-care, one doesn’t survive.
It is both moral and ethical to contribute to society. Money is a conceptual representation of time and effort, and as such it can be traded for material goods. I believe concept of ‘free stuff’ promotes the corruption of a core American value – Competition and Free Enterprise.

The federal government shouldn’t offer anything ‘free’ to its constituent states, nor should it collect taxes for it. Individual and economic power should be kept at the lowest levels possible – with the States and its citizens. For those individuals who wish to exercise their right not to participate in society, they should not reap any benefits of society. State and local governments should make efforts to integrate these individuals, if at all possible.

I encourage philanthropic and altruistic organizations and individuals who wish to exercise their right to impact on the environment around them. I challenge you to make a difference to individuals less prosperous than yourselves. Decreased federal tax collection will increase individual resource availability. I will challenge YOU to make the decision for yourselves and as you consider this option, ask yourself – am I representative of the change I want to see in my environment?

As president, I will lead by example – donating 100% of the presidential salary toward a yet unnamed non-profit humanitarian organization. I do this of my own free will, because I believe in the goodness of mankind. I believe this sort of action need be voluntary for it to hold meaning and purpose.

Financial success should be increasingly difficult commensurate to the reward, without limitations. We as a society need to consider the devastating long-term effects of wealth inequality, but the power to regulate the economy should not lie in Federal hands. Power to enact change and solve problems (and in this case regulate economy), should always happen at the lowest levels possible – restoring power to “We the People”. States and Counties with disturbing levels of wealth inequality should investigate redistribution mechanisms aimed to inject wealth back into the economic system at the lowest levels, where society as a whole will benefit long-term. How about education and infrastructure, since that is where all individual wealth starts?

We must close the tax loopholes and penalize tax havens which allow wealth to be hidden, avoiding contribution to the system which has enabled their success.

1st Amendment: FOR
I believe free speech to be a vital part of a free and independent society. The Federal Government shall not infringe upon this inalienable human right.

2nd Amendment: FOR
Registration and Licensing: FOR
Firearm Education and Training: FOR
While I abhor death and violence in all its forms, I believe the right to bear arms is a necessary measure, consequence to failed governmental systems previous to our own. As President I would stand by the 2nd Amendment at a Federal level, and I would also encourage state legislature to regulate ownership of guns based on regional desire, necessity and population density. States might consider measures such as education and training, licensing and insurance requirements.

If there ever comes a time when “We the People” need overthrow a tyrannical government, we need to be vigilant, trained.

Roe vs Wade: FOR
The US Supreme court ruled that its a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restriction. That was in 1973. It’s now 2019. Why are we still talking about this? The court decision enabled individual freedom and there is no reason to restrict this freedom barring some population crisis in which humankind needs to repopulate. This is silly.

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