American Values

Manifest Destiny
We can and should control our own fate, environment and destiny.
We believe in changing self and country.
We are not victims of circumstance.

We are seen as separate individuals, basic units of nature.
We place emphasis on individual initiative, independence and privacy.

We see ourselves and others as equals, each with opportunity to prosper.
We are valued for who we are, not our families or our status.

Competition and Free Enterprise
We have a strong work ethic and it is the basis of recognition and power.
We believe work is morally and ethically right and good.

We perceive formality as a show of arrogance and superiority.
We strive for direct and assertive communications, in a respectful manner.

We acknowledge truth as a function of objective reality.
We accept the burden of adjustment as individuals.

Materialism and Acquisitiveness
We see material goods as the just rewards of hard work and self-help.
We accept judgement for our possessions.

Regardless of past or present, the future will be better and happier.
Science and technology are a primary source of good and factor in change.

Practicality and Time
We perceive time as valuable, and that productive use of time leads to success.
We believe idleness is a threat to civilization and leisure is a reward.

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